Wrong concepts about invention

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Wrong concepts about invention

Most of the people think that an invention is a great scientific event such as Addison's invention of the lamp. Or at least they think that it is a result of international research centers and universities or a result of researches of huge companies.

 in addition to what exists of wrong concepts concerning inventions although their conditions are clear and simple: " novelty, creativity, and to be industrially applicable"-see invention patents…basic concepts-
if we examine the statistics, we will find that about 750,000 invention patents are granted yearly, some of which are just improvements and not original invention patents and are considered benefit certificates.
And the others are patents registered in more than are country. Actually, the yearly registered inventions include everything in man's life stating by the simplest things such as (pin, shaver, the way of opining the metal cans like tuna, sardine, been and soft drinks,…….)reading the most complex inventions such as (complex physical inventions, rockets, and developed computers).
This does not prevent us of thinking about simple inventions which can be easily applied and marketed and to avoid complicated inventions which need very developed scientific studies to be proved such as pharmaceutical and medical inventions plus some complex equipment such as the earthquakes predicting equipment.


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