Intellectual Property in Daily Life

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Intellectual Property in Daily Life

   Many people think that talking about intellectual property is an elite thing which is not related to our daily life and that it is a very specialized matter. Others see that the intellectual property is only limited to copyrights. By taking a close view, we find that the intellectual property has a big role in our daily life. It has a role in the success of our commercial works, too.

   Most of the products and services, which we use in our daily life, are simple inventions (such as pens or the way of opening soda cans), or compound/complicated inventions (such as computers or MP3s). They are the result of a long time of improvements and developments which started with an idea, then developed to be a patent or an industrial model.
   Most (small or big) companies have a trade name and a trademark. Most of these trademarks or names are innovative designs which distinguish one company from  another. This name should be protected to keep the products of a certain company from cheating and forging. This matter is very crucial for the success of the commercial works.
   In addition, the intellectual property has a great economic value as intangible bases or as an abstract property. The value of the intangible bases ( trade names, patents, etc.) may exceed the value of the tangible ones (such as buildings, machines, etc.).
   The intellectual property affects any part of the life of trade works, beginning with the idea up to the product and its marketing, then improving and developing it. It may also provide financial resources for expansion and exterior exportation through buying or having a permission to invest the various intellectual rights. Thus, it is essential that companies should, periodically, limit, identify and protect using the rights of the intellectual property which they have and in order to invest them in better ways.

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