Industrial Designs and Graphs

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The concepts of intellectual property ensure the protection for the human creativity against infringement or violation. This is done so that creators are able to invest more in their creativity, not only to gain moral benefits, but also financial ones after we commons make use of their inventions.
They also provide financial resources to go on  in producing more innovations that serve and develop humanity. This caused a great variety of concepts in intellectual property. Ranging from the copyrights and the related rights to the trademarks is a broad spectrum of concepts that eventually gives an integrated protection of human creativity. The industrial design plays a major role in these concepts.

Industrial drawing is an essential part of the product in the way that, if the invention protects the method of work; the trademark protects the brand name of the company; and the copyrights protect the manifests and posters of the company, the industrial design protects the design and exterior styling of the product. In this sense, the industrial designing is "Each installation or formation of  lines or colors shown on the products in a new from to distinguish it from the products  known before, whether produced manually or by using a machine or a computer, including the designs of textiles and other materials" (the Syrian Law)
Industrial designing "is the exterior of any model, whether associated with lines or colors or not, and under the condition it is new and distinct from the models known before.  It should also  give a special form that can be used for industrial, craft, manual product, etc" Syrian law
Industrial drawings can be found in industrial decorations on clothing, on the paper used in packaging products, wallpaper, carpet designs, headwear and so on and so forth.  On the other hand, Industrial Designs can be found in new designs for cars, dresses, coats, hats, accessories and decorations (for women, men, homes, cars, etc...) straps, suspenders, shoes, perfume bottles, drinks, and cardboard boxes used for pharmaceuticals.
In short, industrial drawing and designing is related with the exterior of any product, whether formatting of  fonts, colors and graphics is two-dimensional for industrial drawings or three-dimensional for industrial models.
Today, in light of fierce competition, you can attract more customers through  a creative, eye-catching design, and thanks to copyrights you can prevent others from using these designs for their products. Thus you can gain customers of different ages; regions; and aspirations, and exceed your competitors.

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