Launching an incubator for Arab patent marketing for International Companies

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In collaboration with the University of Abu Dhabi and  Khalifa Fund for project developing, the Arab Foundation for Science and Technology, represented by AccuVis Bio (department of promoting products for scientific research) has Launched the first and largest biotechnology incubator of its kind in the Arab region.

The headquarters of the incubator is on the campus of the University of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. It  is the fruit of a cooperation protocol for a period of two years between the University of Abu Dhabi and the Arab Association for Science and Technology -  AccuVis Bio Company supported by the Khalifa Fund – This unique kind of incubator aims to market the Arab patents as an investment for the regional and international companies operating in products comparable  to those covered by Arabic patents  but  less competitive than other top international companies operating in the market.

This  incubator will have a big role in supporting Arab entrepreneurs, will contribute in sustainable development efforts, and will have a leading role in technology transfer and settlement in Arab countries.

Functions of the incubator:
Marketing of Arabic patents products at regional and international companies,
Dr. Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al-Najjar from the Arab Foundation for Science and Technology, and President of the AccuVis Bio says that this company is the result of the fruits of scientific research of the Arab Association for Science and Technology, sponsored by the Foundation for 11 years of achievements and contributions in supporting and funding research projects and technological innovation.
It  is the first company of its kind, on the Arabic and international levels, which is based on biotechnology that managed to be unique of its kind in both; considering a  knowledge which is represented in scientific research and technological innovation, as well as meeting the needs of the Arabic society and economy.

Both the prestigious University of Abu Dhabi and the administration of scientific research, as well as, the rational mentality of the management  of the Khalifa Fund in supporting  and integrating the  entrepreneurs in the process of sustainable development, has helped us to launch the incubator (the first of its kind in the region).

The  Incubator works on marketing the new Arab patents and investment products to become a part of the   products f international companies producing products which correspond to Arabic patents (after they are cnverted into products), "AccuVis Bio" is specialized in the field of medical and health devices.

Dr. Abdullah Abdul Aziz Al-Najjar noted that "AccuVis Bio" participated in the Arab Health  Fair in Dubai during the period from January 23 to 26, and won the attention of many Arab and international companies, What made the participation special is that among all the rare and uncommon devices that in which "AccuVis Bio" operates  was a portable device for heart pumping that enables the patient to the supervising  doctor directly from his home. Another device was  a unique self-running device which resembles  a platform and an integrated system that uses the latest technologies in corresponding and following-up diabetes examinations to clarify the patient's case and the extent of the deterioration in his health through a full survey of the eye, and foot analysis. The specialty includes a third machine was a  device for rare ultrasound Photography, a mobile device which is  the first of its kind in the world that can be implemented  in a headset of the examiner so he/she can film as well as listen .
Dr. Al-Najjar Added that " AccuVis Bio"'s  the products of medical and health devices are multiple and cover the areas of: human and animal treatment, food safety, beverages, cosmetics, diagnostics and protein engineering. They also help in improving the food quality, removing interior toxins and treating blood poisoning, and accelerating the speed of accurate diagnosis without the need to isolate DNA in less than two hours.
The first incubator of its kind to embrace the creative ideas and to provide opportunities for self-development
Dr. Nabil Ibrahim, Director of Abu Dhabi University, that this initiative is the first of its kind in the field of bio-technology incubators, contributes to embrace innovative and distinctive ideas, and provides opportunities for self-improvement. It also ensures the benefit of creative and experienced human resources and markets the  innovative scientific and technological output which contribute to building a knowledgeable society in the country. He pointed out that this strategic partnership with "AccuVis Bio" department of promoting products for scientific research of the Arab Association for Science and Technology), supported by the Khalifa Fund to develop projects, aims at investing in patents in the Arab country and the region with international companies. He pointed out that according to the Convention, the campus of Abu Dhabi university embraces the business of "AccuVis Bio" operating in the field of developing medical devices and live diagnosis. The university works through the innovation and leadership center "idea" to provide logistics and technology support and assistance,  In addition to that, there is the  joint cooperation between the two parties in the area of  scientific research and publications, training the students of the university, and taking benefit of the experiences of researchers and experts in "AccuVis Bio"  in research operations at the university.

Supporting pioneer and quality projects associated with transferring and localizing technology
In the same context, Abdullah Saeed Al Darmaki, CEO of Khalifa Fund for Enterprise Development, assured that the plan of the fund for Fund for the current year is focuses on quality projects, especially the ones related to technology settling and transfer. Moreover, the Fund's interest in supporting "AccuVis Bio" is one output of the Arab Association for Science and Technology, as a rare and creative projects, compared to other projects. "AccuVis Bio", the first company of its kind, is the first quality project that is based on the knowledge and designed to Find Arabic innovations. It searches for international companies operating in the same areas covered by the Arabic innovations so that  the latter are converted into products then marketed for these international companies. He stressed that UNFPA was working to strengthen the entrepreneurial and innovation spirit among a broad range of citizens.

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