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Greenhouse gases

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Greenhouse gases

   The environment in the world suffers from a collapse which will topple all human beings on the planet if Man continues his way in disrespecting the environmental variety and if he doesn’t protect it from destruction. One of the environmental problems is the Global Warming (i.e the increase of the average temperature of Earth). It is a result of the increase of main greenhouse gases which come out of human activity.

   Invention and inventors have an important role in reducing the pollution through friendly inventions to the environment. Here comes the problem of gas pollution as a result of combustion such as carbon dioxide which is released through the burning of traditional fuel in cars, stoves and factories…etc. and sulfur dioxide which is released from factories by burning the fuel, for example.
   Many experiments round the world are made about inventing car engines that are friendly to environment and reduce the release of car gases, or devices and ways of burning traditional fuel in boilers or factories that reduces greenhouse gases. Some found that putting filters of a certain kind reduces the release of gases. Others came to the fact that if the burning starts at very high temperature, it reduces the release of gases. Others saw that processing the fuel before burning it decreases the environmental pollution.
   There are different ways of processing, from chemical processing to biological processing which uses certain microbes that affect the structure of the material used as a fuel in order to decrease the burning results.
   Here we pose this problem to think in a better way to develop these inventions, in order to reach an ideal limit of reducing, to the lowest degree, the release of any harmful gas to environment which results from burning.

What do you do if you lost your car in a car-park?

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What do you do if you lost your car in a car-park? 

   People think that invention is a complex thing. But we use a lot of simple inventions in our life, such as pins, pens,…etc. However, an invention is a result of need. It is finding a technical solution to a problem, whatever complex or small it was.
The problem which we pose to you is a simple one. We hope it will help in waking up the sleeping minds, and making a discussion about it.
Though the problem is simple, but it is very important to car owners.
(What do you do if you don’t remember where did you put your car among large car-parks, whether they are opened or closed).
We expect you to discuss this idea, and try to find solutions that become, consequently, inventions which you can register on your names after the idea fully develop in your minds.
We also expect your suggestions, concerning any problems you face, to discuss together and find the adequate inventions.
Best wishes.

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