The Compulsion of Water Cooperation

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Danilo Turk and Sundeep Waslekar

Since last September when the United Nations declared water as a sustainable development goal, a number of countries have intensified efforts to promote water cooperation with their neighbouring countries. The Middle East is missing in this action.

Water, Wars and an Uncertain Future

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By Sundeep Waslekar

In December 2009, I met Walid Muallem, Foreign Minister of Syria, in his office in Damascus, along with an eminent British politician. He rolled out before us his vision of peace process with Israel in phases. He had two essential conditions. First, secured access to the waters of Tiberias should be guaranteed. Second, Turkey should underwrite the peace process. He said that the government in Damascus could trust only one state as the guarantor of its interests. It was Turkey under Erdogan’s leadership.

In our Blue Peace report, published in February 2011, Strategic Foresight Group proposed several solutions to use water as an instrument of peace and prosperity in the Middle East. One of them was adapted from Muallem’s framework.


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Niels Bohr

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Computerization of teaching mathematics at the University

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Discussed in the Department of Mathematics, Faculty of Science at the University of the Baath Master was a thesis entitled: (Computerization of Teaching Mathematics at the University: Analytical Geometry as a Model) made by the student Lama Nazim AL-Droubi under the supervision of:

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