The story of Samer Ramadan

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The Emigrant Arabian Genius

He emigrated for study.. and becomes one of the most important inventors and investors

 in the area of photography  

   Samer Ramadan is a Lebanese young man. He emigrated, like other young men, looking for better opportunities. He achieved a great success and international accomplishments. He studied in the university of Oregon in the USA. He worked in many American companies, in which he occupied high positions for which he achieved a great success.
   Furthermore, he succeeded in creating a three-dimensional glasses with a new technique that makes vision more qualified in comparison with the present kinds. His invention constitutes a complete system which includes glasses, programs and a transformer for digital cameras, which allows taking three-dimensional photos and printing them at home. Therefore, he deserved one of the important scientific awards, Benny award, which equals the Oscar in film industry.

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