The Strategy of Registering an Invention

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The Strategy of Registering an Invention

Many inventors think that by registering the invention their problems come to an end and the problem of marketing it starts. This is a mistaken conception, it leads to the fact that the inventor losses privileges an rights which he could achieve if he took his time registering his invention and if he put a plan for this invention.

Wrong concepts about invention

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Wrong concepts about invention

Most of the people think that an invention is a great scientific event such as Addison's invention of the lamp. Or at least they think that it is a result of international research centers and universities or a result of researches of huge companies.

Concerning inventions and inventions patents … basic concepts

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Concerning inventions and inventions patents … basic concepts

     It is every new application of a creative and original idea which can be industrially applied. We should take into consideration the wider concept of industrial application for it does not mean the traditional industrial sector only but it extends to include all the aspects of human activities such as industry , agriculture, …………….etc.

The required Papers for patent registration

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1. Technical description includes the following seven paragraphs "all the pages must be numbered":

1. Writing the invention title in page header.

2. Technical description of the invention includes:

a) Prior technical situation: It is an introduction to the research includes the current situation prior to invention.

b) A detailed explanation of the invention includes all stages in which the invention passes through (technically, practically, mechanically .... etc) in addition to the operation method if the invention is a kind of machine or equipment, chemical preparation, and economic and application feasibility …….

3. Drawings and diagrams: You must attach a drawing or diagram for each require clarification of any idea included in the invention. You should put your drawings in separate page and if it does not exist you should make a clarification of that.

4. Claims to be protected: It is a detailed definition of new ideas in the invention which should be protected and each thought must be numbered. the claims should be put in separate page.

5. the invention Summary: It is a summary for paragraph / 2 b / (detailed explanation for the invention), including no more than /7/ lines (60 to 70) word. (writing at a new page).

6. Relating references: the inventor must refer to the name of the reference and the name of the author and year of issuance and number edition. If there is no references, the inventor should mention that explicitly.

7. Index for the documents included in the file: a catalog of documents included in the dossier.

 2. an electronic copy CD or DVD bilingual (Arabic and "English or French).

3. a copy of the ID card.

4. file (to be obtained from the office of Property Protection in the building of the Ministry of Economy.

5. Financial voucher / 250 / LS from the patents department at the Directorate of property protection it must be paid in the building of the Ministry of Economy.

6. application form from the Department of patents, the inventor should stick a financial stamp with a value of / 10 / SP.

7. a written pledge personally signed in the patents Department. the required documents should be included within the dossier as following:

1. Three paper copies translated into English or French, the inventor must be sign each page, copy all pages and clarify that he translates the documents on his own responsibility if the file is not transliterated by a sworn interpreter.

2. Five paper copies of the Arabic language with a financial stamp should be stick on three of them with a value of / 10 / SP, the inventor must sticks / 7 / financial stamp per copy and all pages and copy will be signed.

3. A written pledge.

4. Financial voucher.

5. A copy for ID card.

6. Application form.

7. Document dossier.

Provide a full dossier by the applicant personally or through his agent. Review will be conducted after six months from the date of filing the application.

 Important Note for inventors:

• By reading the second paragraph of Article 5 of Legislative Decree No. 47 of 1947 we would like to emphasize that each Syrian Inventors should transfer his invention to investment or to industry within two years of getting his patent so he will not lose his right of legal protection, and hereby we advise the inventor to advertise his invention in Local newspaper to be connected with the correct investment, or the he may invest his invention by himself, or the inventor may advertise his invention in our web site, so we will connect him with the interested industrialists.

• The patent is a national right, it does not protect the invention internationally unless the patent is registered internationally. The law protect the patent internationally for 30 months after internationally registration after the payment of an estimated fee. During that period the inventor have to decide what to do? Is he going to invest his invention locally that means only in his country? or he will sell the rights of using for a company? If he wants to invest and export the invention to the outside he have to choose the countries that he wants to protect his invention in it. Because the protection of the invention after 30 months in a any State other than the State in which the invention is registered is very costly, so the inventor must think strategically before the registration of invention, What will the inventor do with his invention?

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